Celebration of Women – International Women’s Day

Today, I dedicate this post to women everywhere. Women have made and are making great strides in all arenas from politics to the boardroom to the community. Women show great strength and perseverance daily. Let’s applaud women everywhere!

1. Sisters Art Card stacystudios (Etsy) / 2. Hand in Hand – Guatemalan Women LoveArtStudios (Etsy) / 3. Cheerful Afternoon ElainesHeartsong (Etsy) / 4. Blessed latitudejcain (Etsy) / 5. Black Rose NeilahStudios (Etsy) / 6. Drawing of a Female Model Krystyna81 (Etsy)


10 Comments to “Celebration of Women – International Women’s Day”

  1. WOW!
    This is Spectacularly Beautiful and I am honored to be included!! Thank You for this Visually Gorgeous Celebration of International Women’s Day….YAY!! for Women Everywhere!!

  2. Ooooo lovely women, all!!! What a wonderful grouping!! Love the “hand in hand” photo!

  3. Women are beautiful! If only women of the whole world could unite their strength and bring freedom to those who are oppressed. A gentle, loving freedom!
    Stacy Studios’ image says it all! Celebrate!

  4. LOVE your blog! Beautiful. Gorgeous!

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    Anyhoo, check out the other members that have followed me and will you follow back at this link (my blog)


    Again your site is just breath-taking! I’ll be back for more!

    • Hi, my blog is powered through WordPress.com. To follow, you have to go through the RSS feed. Thanks so very much for the kind words and I am off to check out your blog.

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for the GFC follow! I tried to follow your posts by RSS, but I got a page full of html code. I don’t know if its just me, I’ve never subscribed to posts by RSS so, I apologize for my inadequacy.

    To reciprocate the follow I can be a fan on Facebook or I can follow you on Twitter, which ever you prefer.

  6. Thank you, congratulation too! Beautiful blog
    Bloggy Mom

  7. Thank you so much for gracing your page with my image! I am thrilled to be a part…. THANK YOU!

  8. I’m now a fan of your face book page as thanks for the GFC follow 🙂

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