A Mom’s Precious Memories

So, my babies are still little. The oldest is 26 months and the youngest is 7 months (time is moving fast). The oldest knows all of his alphabets (upper and lowercase) by sight (he still does not know the Alphabet song but he can call out all the letters). My youngest is crawling (hands and knees) and pulling up on everything. I know that she will be walking soon. I try to capture it all with video and photos and I try to record it all down. Time is just flying by and some days I wish it would slow down (just a bit). I came across a video that I recorded around the time that my oldest started walking.

I hope that you have a wonderful Tuesday!


4 Comments to “A Mom’s Precious Memories”

  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh Yeah! Jacob definitely wins this time……and every other time in his life to come too I think!! ^_^

  2. Yeah he always wins! How are you this morning? I am off to check your post for today.

  3. Gotta love our boys! Can’t believe you were able to find this video after so long! And, I can’t believe Marley is pulling up already! WOW!!! PS. the ABC song is overrated LOL When Jacob is reading @3 no one will care if he can sing that silly song. HA! What’s an “elemnohpee” (LMNOP) anyways????

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