About Me:

I am a stay at home mom that wants it all.  I want to be the best mom to my 24 month old and 6 month old.  I want to be the best wife (been married 5 years). I also want to be the best shop owner (www.evenandy.com).  This blog will highlight my quest to balance family life with entrepreneurship and still maintain my sanity (or not).  I love creating unique, bright, and colorful graphics.  On top of everything else on my plate, I am starting a 365 project (a photo a day) and I want to run a half marathon this year (before I turn 35).



About EvenAndy:

EvenAndy was born after I quit my day job at a laboratory to become a stay at home mom with my little boy.  The name is actually a play on my grandparents names, Evelyn and Andrew.  I sell eco friendly customized note cards, stationery, and prints.  I love custom orders and creating that special and unique item for my customer

About this Blog:

I am going to give you glimpses of my life. I will highlight items that help make my life as a Mom easier. I will show you beautiful, bright, and bold items that inspire me and spark my creativity. I will include some do it yourself and printable designs.


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